Saturday, September 18

Green energy industry gauging winds of change

Kansas Watchdog: “The fate of a green energy tax credit could put the brakes on an accelerating expansion of renewable energy across the U.S. as developers try to avoid plunging off the fiscal cliff.” The story by Travis Perry is Green energy industry gauging winds of change.

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Pompeo: Wind production tax credit should expire. “If wind power cannot compete on its own after 20 years without costly special privileges, it never will, writes Lamar Alexander And Mike Pompeo.”

Wind tax credits are government spending in disguise. “Wind power tax credits are government spending in disguise, despite the mistaken beliefs of Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and U.S. Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas regarding the economic effect of tax credits that benefit the wind power industry.”

Wind energy split in Kansas. “Kansas politicians are split over the the government’s subsidy programs for wind energy.”

Energy subsidies exposed. “On the campaign trail, President Barack Obama calls for an end to energy subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. It turns out, however, that this industry receives relatively little subsidy, while the president’s favored forms of energy investment — wind and solar — receive much more. Additionally, coal, oil, and gas industries paid billions in taxes to the federal government, while electricity produced by solar and wind are a cost to taxpayers.”