Saturday, September 25

The elephant in the room

The Central Standard Times: “In case you haven’t heard, the tragic tale of the Sept. 11 terror attack on America’s embassy in Libya keeps getting worse for Barack Obama. Numerous news reports had already confirmed that the administration denied repeated requests from the embassy’s embattled staff for more security, that it knew the attack was a carefully planned terror strike even as it spent weeks telling the American public it was a spontaneous reaction to a little-known anti-Muslim video, and that it knew this even as the filmmaker was publicly scapegoated and imprisoned on the flimsiest of legal grounds. Now there is evidence that numerous cries for help were ignored even as the deadly attack occurred.” Bud Norman analyzes at The Elephant in the Room.

Related at Media Research Center: “Carly Fiorina, a guest panelist on NBC’s Meet the Press as a surrogate for the Romney campaign, brought up Libya unprompted. … Host David Gregory cut her off, but promised: ‘We’ll get to Libya a little bit later.’ He never did. Fiorina’s was the last word on Libya during the program.” More from MRC here.