Wednesday, July 28

Delphi technique, visioning, sustainable communities

From Resist21: The Delphi Technique Revealed: “The Delphi Technique is being utilized in virtually every community in the United States today. Stakeholder councils go into communities under the guise of receiving input from citizens regarding the ‘visioning’ process of turning their towns into ‘Sustainable Communities.’ Concerns of citizens are ignored in favored of preconceived outcomes. People soon discover that private land ownership is jeopardized and their lives are changed immensely as the stakeholders start to take control of their situation. … This video shows the manipulation of the audience to gain public consensus for a regional transportation plan the metropolitan transportation commission was assembled by a number of radical environmentalist groups, social justice, social equity groups, in response to California’s AB 32 and SB375.”

Wow. Let’s hope the Delphi Technique doesn’t make it to Wichita.