Saturday, September 18

Who is buying whom?

“They don’t write big checks for mailings like this out of the goodness of their hearts. They’re buying something and it’s fair to wonder what.” That’s an op-ed in the Clay Center Dispatch, lamenting the role of money in political campaigns. The target of the writer’s disdain is the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and campaign contributions it made to the opponent of Tom Hawk, who the newspaper endorsed.

But looking at Hawk’s campaign finance report, I see state university employees, labor unions, highway contractors, and the teachers union. What, are these going to ask Hawk for nothing? Aren’t they buying something?

At least the Kansas Chamber (mostly) advocates a limited government agenda, leaving more personal and economic freedom in the hands of people, not government.

Hawk, who on the 2010 Kansas Economic Freedom Index scored 0 percent as a member of the Kansas House of Representatives, works for larger government. The unions and contractors that fund his campaign will want their payoff, and that means more government spending and more taxes.