Saturday, September 18

Upcoming regulations, possibly

Larry Bell at “If you think the Obama administration’s Enterprise Prevention Agenda has been wildly aggressive during the past four years, believe me, we really ain’t seen nothin’ yet. A new report released by the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Minority Committee enumerates a slew of planned EPA regulations that have been delayed or punted on until after the election that will destroy millions of American jobs and cause energy prices to skyrocket even more.”

The article mentions regulations covering greenhouse gases (potentially including cow gas), ozone, hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), “virtually every body of water in the United States, no matter how small,” storm water, boilers (“standards are so strict that not even the best-performing sources can meet them”), cement plants, and others.

Finally, this:

According to the annual “Regulator’s Budget” compiled last year by George Washington University and Washington University in St. Louis, the employment of federal government regulators has climbed 13% since Obama took office, while private sector jobs shrank by 5.6%. In fact, if the federal government’s regulatory operations were a business, their $54 billion budget would make them one of the 50 the largest in the country… bigger than McDonald’s, Ford, Disney and Boeing combined. EPA’s Insanely Ambitious Agenda If Obama Is Reelected