Monday, October 18

Kansas pushing back on ObamaCare

Kansas Policy Institute:

Today [November 9, 2012], Kansas Policy Institute president Dave Trabert issued the following statement in response to Gov. Brownback announcing that Kansas will not establish a state-based health insurance exchange.

“We congratulate Gov. Brownback for acknowledging what most Kansans recognized a long time ago — ObamaCare does nothing to increase access to quality health care or control costs. Refusing to implement an exchange is only the first step in telling Washington that Kansans do not want federal intervention. The next step is to reject the expansion of Medicaid that is proposed in Obamacare,” said KPI president Dave Trabert.

Trabert continued, “For 70 years the federal government has layered more and more regulation on your doctor and your health care has suffered as a result. Rarely are Kansans better off when politicians, of either party, decide to interfere with their health care. A bureaucratic health care exchange will do nothing but make that problem worse. Medicaid funding will devour no less than 23 percent of state (general fund) revenues by 2023 and at least 31 percent if Medicaid is expanded, so it is clear Kansas needs to address our health care challenges.

“Kansans certainly need health care reform but the way to do that is with less government intervention, not more. Free-market exchanges for auto insurance and homeowners insurance thrive across the country because competition is not stifled by government intervention,” concluded Trabert.

I’ve wondered why President Obama thinks a huge government program (the exchanges) is required to fix what government intervention caused. The private sector is quite efficient in delivering information to consumers and giving them multiple ways to purchase their products — except when government rules and regulations get in the way.