Wednesday, July 28

A letter to Sam Brownback on wind

From a concerned citizen to Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.

Dear Sam,

I was saddened to read of your continued support for the Production Tax Credit for the production of electricity from wind power.

Your position is incompatible and inconsistent with your commitment to reduce the scope, size, and cost of government. I believe that the federal government involvement in solar and wind energy has amply demonstrated that governments cannot pick winners and losers in the market place, that crony-capitalism creates opportunities for corruption and has no place in our free-market system.

The Production Tax Credit squanders the resources of taxpayers at a time when the country faces an economic cliff of unimaginable proportions and the state is coping with a projected revenue shortfall.

The Production Tax Credit is an out-and-out subsidy to an industry that is unreliable, inefficient, and ineffective, that cannot produce electrical power that is competitive. A grid dependent upon wind power must have spinning reserve of equal capacity to prevent brown and black-outs.

The Production Tax Credit is an out-and-out subsidy to an industry that results in a net job loss. Those who point to the jobs created by subsidizing the industry fail to take into account the jobs lost because of higher electrical rates and the forced “taking” of dollars from citizens who would otherwise be operating viable industries. I commend to your reading “Green Job Myths,” University of Illinois Law and Economics Research Paper Series NO. LE09-001.

The Production Tax Credit not only transfers taxpayer dollars to a special interest group “blessed” by government, it puts a double whammy on tax payers by forcing consumers to pay higher electrical rates.

Please withdraw your support for the Production Tax Credit. If the wind industry cannot stand on its own after 20-plus years of promising a Eureka moment if only it gets a few more tax dollars, it has no vested right to our tax dollars. I am sure you know the saying: “Fool me once, shame on me, …”