Monday, October 18

Danger of cronyism ahead

Andrew Evans, Washington Free Beacon:

Some see a danger of political cronyism and corruption arising from a back room deal as Congress negotiates with the White House to avoid the fiscal cliff.

“With any lame duck deal, you have a much higher risk of more spending and favorable tax credits, deductions preserving some for special interest groups,” said Romina Boccia, a domestic and economic policy expert at the Heritage Foundation.

Sen. Jim DeMint (R., S.C.) issued a report last week outlining the dangers of a lame duck session.

It is “not unreasonable to expect the 2012 ‘lame duck’ session of Congress to be the worst in history,” DeMint wrote in the report.

The report draws special attention to the dangers of lame duck members who are leaving office — either through voluntary retirement or electoral loss—and as a result are unaccountable to voters.

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