Saturday, September 25


United States Representative Tim Huelskamp, Kansas first district, will keep his promise not to raise taxes, says a press release from his office:

Huelskamp Calls on Colleagues to Remain True to their Word

WASHINGTON — As America runs ever closer to the fiscal cliff at the end of 2012, Congressman Tim Huelskamp released a video in which he challenges his colleagues to keep the pledge they made to their constituents and reject tax increases. As Congressman Huelskamp says in the video, Washington’s biggest problem is spending too much, not taxing too little.

Congressman Huelskamp issued a challenge to his colleagues to affirm their promise to oppose tax increases.

As shown in The rich don’t have enough money, the tax hikes Obama wants will do very little to close the budget gap, and will be damaging to the economy. It’s important that we recognize that there is not enough money available through taxation to fix our problems.