Saturday, September 18

Does Wichita owe Ghana an airplane?

Last year Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer and a delegation traveled to the African nation of Ghana on a trade mission, seeking business opportunities for Wichita companies. The aircraft industry was prominently mentioned.

(Note to self: If I own any stock in companies that are depending on the Wichita City Council to generate sales, sell it. Right now. Consider borrowing shares to sell.)

The host country, however, may have misunderstood — or maybe it was only wishful thinking — the mission of the visitors from Wichita. A news release on the Official Portal of the Government of Ghana reads [sic]:

An unprecedented visit by the Mayor of Wichita City, Kansas State USA, Mr Carl Brewer, his Deputy, Mrs Lavonta Williams and the Council of Elders were welcomed by the overlord of Manya Krobo Traditional Area, Nene Sakitey II at the Palace. At a grand durbar organised in honour of the Mayor and his delegation, the District Chief Executive (DCE) of Lower Manya Krobo District, Mr Isaac Abgo Tetteh, urged the people of Manya Krobo to set an initiative in order r to get a push from the Mayor for the realisation of the sister city project by the city of Wichita and the Manya Krobo municipality.

Mr Tetteh also announced at the gathering that, the sister city concept is to assist Lower Manya to attain the standard of a city by helping in the direction of education and other infrastructural development. He announced that the Mayor has pledged to furnish Nene Sakitey II with an Aircraft for his private use. (emphasis added)

I had thought that perhaps this was a case of something being lost or mangled in translation, but then I realized that English is the official language of Ghana.