Tuesday, September 28

Jim DeMint, libertarian senator

Tim Carney, Washington Examiner:

For libertarians, Christian conservative pro-lifer Jim DeMint was the best thing to come through the Senate in decades. DeMint, quitting early to run the conservative Heritage Foundation, embodied an underappreciated fact of life in Washington: The politicians who most consistently defend economic liberty are the cultural conservatives. …

Many libertarians realize that DeMint has been one of their best allies in the U.S. Senate. Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch, editors of Reason magazine, are libertarians with social liberal tendencies. When they interviewed him in May, they pointed out how much this Christian social conservative had to offer their ilk. …

Traditional morality and limited government aren’t enemies. They’re friends. DeMint proved that, and he left behind heirs who will continue to do so.

I think it’s great for America that Jim DeMint will be leading Heritage Foundation. More on this from Carney is at Jim DeMint was the libertarian hero of the Senate.