Monday, October 18

Don’t pry into government, we are told

Greg Schmid in his paper History and Constitutionality of “Pay-to-Play” Campaign Finance Restrictions in America, published by Americans for Limited Government:

Even when some corrupt official gets caught red handed, and publicly prosecuted in a highly visible case, many well-intentioned defenders of in the established order paint the events as isolated incidents that “can’t happen here.” Efforts to make government transactions transparent are met with disdain and with incredulous personalized claims that people who don’t trust their public officials are just paranoid, and should not be allowed to interrupt the people’s business by prying into the inner workings of government procurements. Fear of being targeted for ridicule or worse by society’s powerful elite makes it easy to look the other way, live in denial, or just accept government corruption as the way of the world. This is the most dangerous attitude of all; the perception that our government system is just unethical and corrupt and that there is nothing anyone can do about it. By this attitude, the perception of pervasive corruption at all levels of government, citizens lose hope and lose faith in their governing institutions. When this fundamental disconnect occurs people disengage from government, and self-governance is at risk.