Monday, October 18

Another mistake for Wichita city hall

“I find myself conflicted, wondering whether I should hope for the competent administration of unsound policies, particularly those related to economic development. Most Wichita city officeholders and bureaucrats believe in these programs, but somehow mistakes are frequently made.”

I wrote those words last year in response to some fumbles made by Wichita city bureaucrats. See Wichita, again, bureaucratically fumbles.

Now it appears the city has made another mistake. Bill Wilson of the Wichita Eagle reports in Errors may mean Southfork project must go before City Council again:

Another economic development project appears headed for a do-over before the Wichita City Council.

According to an e-mail obtained by The Eagle, Sedgwick County Clerk Kelly Arnold has found two errors in the Southfork tax increment financing district in south Wichita: One where it extends into the Haysville school district and another where it expands past the Wichita city limits into Riverside Township.

Arnold writes in the e-mail that he “doesn’t believe” the city can establish a TIF district outside its city limits, and he’s not clear if the Haysville district was legally notified about the establishment of the district. Arnold also says no plan for the district has been filed with his office and he has limited additional information about the TIF district.

Arnold’s email and map may be viewed here or below.