Saturday, September 18

ABCs of school choice

The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice has released the 2013 edition of The ABCs of School Choice. In their words:

“The ABCs of School Choice” is the most comprehensive guide to every private school choice program in America, showcasing the voucher, tax-credit scholarship, education savings accounts, and individual tax credit/deduction programs currently operating in 21 states and Washington, D.C. “The ABCs of School Choice” provides policymakers, advocates, researchers, and reporters data on each program’s funding levels, eligibility rates, and participation numbers. The 2013 edition also features personal stories of the students, parents, and schools that benefit from school choice along with “Friedman Feedback” on ways states can expand each program to eventually fund all children, a vision first established by the late Milton Friedman.

Sadly for Kansas schoolchildren, there is no chapter in this book for Kansas. That’s because we have no meaningful school choice in Kansas.