Saturday, September 18

Pro-business or pro-market

Is there a difference between business and capitalism? Is Kansas becoming more business-friendly or more market- and capitalism-friendly? Is you local chamber of commerce working for the interests of business, or is it promoting capitalism and markets? The Economic Freedom Project has an article that explains the difference.

Surprising as it may seem, “Pro-business” does not necessarily mean “pro-market.” In fact, many who call themselves “pro-business” actually work against the market and restrict the economic freedom upon which our prosperity depends.

Consider the following …

Because businesses provide jobs and make other positive contributions to communities, both “sides” agree that government should promote business. Where they differ is over how. Pro-business advocates believe the government should directly assist specific businesses or industries through subsidies, tax breaks, or other advantages. Pro-market supporters reject this. They argue that government should simply ensure a level playing field for competition.

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