Monday, September 27

Gidget explains some Kansas bills

Just who is this Gidget, anyway? I don’t know, but she has a great run-down of several bills working their way — or not — through the Kansas Legislature. Discussing several term limits bills, she writes:

You’ll note the virtual radio silence on the matter. I’m certain if you check out the most recent legislative updates from your Senator, they aren’t mentioning it. And I’ll tell you why: Once in power, people like to stay there. Unfortunately, remaining a normal, reasonable person with the full use of faculties after a few years in office is almost impossible. Power is seductive and corrupting. This is no secret. But individually legislators do not believe they are or can be corrupted. They are kidding themselves. I have yet to meet an elected official who has served more than about 10 years who hasn’t “grown” in office. (That is not a compliment.) What’s worse is they stack the deck making it very, very difficult for newcomers to challenge them. (I could write a novel on the topic, and maybe some day I will, but that time is not today.)

This legislation will likely not see the light of day. It may be whispered about in dark offices, and applauded by grassroots activists, but if you read about these bills anywhere else, I’ll be surprised.

Great stuff. “Growing” in office.

Read the rest at Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe).