Saturday, September 25

Wichita’s Mayor: ‘We’re more sophisticated’

Kent Winter, president of the Sedgwick County Farm Bureau Agricultural Association, writing in The Wichita Eagle:

But on April 24, in connection with the groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of Wichita Mid-Continent Airport, Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer made the following statement: “We’re very sophisticated and maybe we’re not the rural, farming industry, and things of that nature. … We’re more sophisticated. We are the Air Capital of the World.”

(Full article at Kent Winter: Does mayor think farmers aren’t sophisticated?)

Carl Brewer, Wichita Mayor

This reminds me of the time Brewer told the city that “If government had not played some kind of role in guiding and identifying how the city was going to grow, how any city was going to grow, I’d be afraid of what that would be. Because we would still be in covered wagons and horses. There would be no change.”

I’m not kidding. See Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer on role of government for video.