Friday, September 24

Wichita city council reacts to Visioneering presentation

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Reactions of Wichita City Council members to Visioneering report, May 14, 2013, from official meeting minutes. For more background, see Wichita job growth and Visioneering peers.

Council Member Williams thanked Ms. Ahlstrand for all of the work she has put into the Visioneering process, which has been beneficial to the entire community.

Council Member Miller stated she gets very enthusiastic every time she hears this list of accomplishments and thanked Ms. Ahlstrand for her leadership.

Susie Ahlstrand stated she added up the ones she reported on about the economic impact and it was $84.5 million that they have done through grants or what they have done through the unified legislative agenda and is very impactful.

Council Member Miller stated when we think about the return on investment for our financial support for Visioneering, it makes very good sense with what we put in and what the community gets back.

Vice Mayor Meitzner thanked Ms. Ahlstrand for serving up this agenda environment which makes it easier for him to jump on board and asked her to let him know how he can offer his support.

Council Member Clendenin stated it was very apparent after some of us new Council Members were elected, how much value she adds to the City and thanked Ms. Ahlstrand for her guidance and getting the new Council Members up to speed on what is going on in the City.

Council Member Longwell stated he wants to echo similar sentiments and Council Member Miller recognized the return on investment that we get as a contributor from the City standpoint but we would not get that return on investment if it was not for the folks in private industry that are supporting her today. Stated that is really what makes this work and wants people to recognize that the City’s portion of this is incrementally very small compared to what the private industry does to support the Chamber; their activities and the financial aspect and thanked all of those in our City that have stepped up and supported Ms. Ahlstrand.

Mayor Brewer inquired whether anyone from the audience wished to be heard and no one appeared.

Mayor Brewer stated this is one of the smartest moves that the City of Wichita has done because it was the primary catalyst that pulled the public and the private together and laid out a vision for our City.