Thursday, August 5

Wichita role model not thriving

Power and Light District Kansas City 2009-09-16 35Kansas City Power & Light District

Let’s hope the revitalization of downtown Wichita does better than this. Wichita has used downtown Kansas City as a model, see Wichita’s redevelopment role model needs scrutiny.

The mantra behind the multibillion dollar makeover of downtown Kansas City the past decade was to make it a better place to work, live and play.

With the addition of expensive amenities, including the Power & Light District, Sprint Center and the Kauffman Center, many more people have indeed come to live and play downtown.

But when it comes to work, businesses remain unimpressed.

U.S. Census data shows that from 2001 to 2011, the latest year available, greater downtown lost 19.6 percent of its private employees. That’s 16,237 fewer private jobs.

Continue in the Kansas City Star at While housing and entertainment have boomed, office space in downtown KC sits empty.