Saturday, September 25

Charges of slashed Kansas school budgets, but …


Despite claims of deep cuts to funding, Kansas schools were able to add 709 employees during the school year that just ended. Furthermore, growth in both teacher and non-teacher employment has been growing faster than enrollment. Kansas Policy Institute reports on statistics provided by the Kansas State Department of Education:

Data obtained from the Kansas Department of Education shows that school districts added 324 teachers and 385 other employees. Listings by school district going back to 2005 can be found at

Hiring more non-teachers than teachers is a continuation of a long term trend in Kansas, although both employee groups are growing faster than student gains. Enrollment grew 3.6% between 2005 and 2013, while teacher employment increased by 4.8% and all other employment jumped 9.6%. Total employment grew 7.1% over the period.

The full story is at Kansas Schools Add 709 Employees.