Saturday, September 18

In case of disaster, eat the rabbit


If you want to be a magician, don’t forget to form a disaster plan for the rabbit. If you don’t have this plan in place — and training on its implementation — you’ll be in violation of the law.

I wonder if the government is listening to the rabbit’s telephone calls?

An Ozark, Mo.-based magician whose story about being harassed by USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service agents (a.k.a., “Rabbit Police”) was one of three stories highlighted in an article two years ago, Marty Hahne contacted me today with an update.

“You won’t believe what the USDA has come up with now,” Hahne wrote in an email message late Friday afternoon. “If this wasn’t so stupid, it would be funny!”

He went on to share details about his continued harassment by the USDA — all for using a three-pound rabbit in his magic act.

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