Monday, October 18

Kansas spends more than most states on higher education

From Kansas Policy Institute.

Kansas Exceeds the National Average on Higher Education Allocation
By Dave Trabert

Here’s an interesting fact that’s missing from recent discussions on higher education funding in Kansas: we spend a bigger portion of our budget on higher education than the national average. Data from the National Association of State Budget Officers shows that Kansas allocated 12.1% of the General Fund to higher education in 2012 as compared to the national average of 10%. Kansas also has a much greater portion of total expenditures devoted to higher education, at 16.7% versus the national average of 9.9%.

Being above the national average might not rise to the level of an “ah-ha” moment but it’s an important piece of the overall discussion on higher education funding, especially since the Legislature is being accused of underfunding universities. Legislative budget decisions must consider all relevant information — not just the “wants” of each agency.