Saturday, September 18

Concealed carry rights to be topic Thursday

From Wichita Campaign for Liberty.

If you thought your gun rights were protected in Kansas, guess again!

The Wichita City Council just voted to delay the exercise of concealed carry rights as long as possible. And they plan to spend taxpayer dollars to do so!

You see, the state of Kansas recently passed a law requiring local governments to either take down their gun-free (helpless victim) signs in “non-secure” buildings, or provide real security.  (Schools and certain other buildings aren’t included in the bill.)

Simply put, local governments must either provide security, or allow private citizens to protect themselves.

Rather than just take down the gun-free signs, the Wichita Council voted for a six month exemption to the law, delaying your right to self-defense in non-secure buildings until at least January.

Worse, the city says if they provide security for those buildings, it will cost taxpayers $14.5 million per year!

If the Wichita Council will continue to give criminals free rein in non-secure buildings, and is willing to waste $14.5 million per year afterwards, can you imagine what else they must be doing to waste your money and destroy your rights?

Some other areas for discussion:

What do you think of the Wichita City Council awarding $100 million+ contracts to the highest bidder — who just happened to be one of their biggest campaign donors?

What do you think about giving one of their campaign donors a 99 year, $1 per year lease on an expensive downtown property?

The Wichita Council will never stop wasting your money or abusing your rights unless they receive a loud and clear message from patriots like you.

Please take action and meet with other liberty-minded Kansans at the Wichita Marriott (9100 Corporate Hills Drive) on Thursday, July 25, at 7pm.

We will discuss how to defend our rights and our pocketbooks in Wichita!

Folks, I would like to say this will be easy, but that would be untrue. Only two Wichita Council members, Blubaugh and Longwell, voted to take down the gun-free signs and allow lawful concealed carry in certain city buildings. Only these two council members voted against wasting your hard-earned dollars.

We have to change at least two more votes to our side. It won’t be easy. That is why we need every Wichita patriot to join together at our July meeting:

Thursday, July 25, at 7pm
Wichita Marriott
9100 Corporate Hills Drive

With your help, we can secure our rights, fight waste and cronyism in city government, and continue to achieve big wins for liberty in Kansas!

And, if you are not from Wichita, come and hear how you can work for liberty in your community!

In Liberty,

John Axtell
Kansas Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S.  The Wichita City Council is continuing to dishonor your rights and waste your money.  And they won’t stop unless you and I take action.  Defend your right to self-defense, and defend your tax dollars from waste!

Join us on Thursday, July 25, at 7pm, at the Wichita Marriott. We will defeat the statists, one issue at a time!