Sunday, September 19

Error on Wichita water rebate list costs appliance retailer sales

From KWCH News:

by Brian Heap
Factfinder 12 Investigator

The City of Wichita is spending $ 1 million dollars to help citizens get more water efficient, but FactFinder 12 Investigators learned the list of appliances eligible for the rebate is a little inefficient.

At Herb Snow & Son Maytag sales people love to show off the latest appliances, but the store’s inventory is too new for Wichita.

“When we first got the list, all the model numbers you can tell they’re wrong,” says manager Kimberly Snow.

The city’s website has a list of energy star rated appliances that are eligible for $100 rebates. But according to Snow, none of the Maytag models listed are current. There are at least 16 Maytag dishwashers that should be eligible, but aren’t.

“I’ve lost a couple of sales because I don’t have a Maytag dishwasher that’s on the rebate program,” says owner Kevin Snow.

Ben Nelson of the Wichita public Works Department says sometimes there’s a delay in having newer models added to the Energy Star list of recognized appliances. Nelson said the city is working to update its list to include 16 additional Maytag dishwashers. He expected it would be updated by the close of business Tuesday, or early Wednesday.

Managers at Lytton’s Appliance Showroom told FactFinder 12 they noticed the mistake with Maytag dishwashers as well, but hadn’t seen any other brands affected.