Sunday, September 19

Meeting to focus on Wichita government and gun rights

A message from Wichita Campaign for Liberty:

Dear Kansas Patriot,

If Topeka passes new state laws to protect your 2nd Amendment rights from President Obama and Eric Holder, but the Wichita City Council does its best to ignore these laws, will that protect you from federal gun-grabbers?

If we have economic victories in Topeka, but the Wichita City Council wastes your tax dollars, ignores essential infrastructure, and raises taxes, will that create prosperity in Wichita?

Of course not! On June 18, the City Council had the chance to take down gun-free signs in non-secure municipal buildings. Instead, they voted to keep the signs.

And they plan to eventually waste $14.5 million every year on new security.

They should have voted to just take down the signs. You would have been safer — for free!

What if you could take action — right now — to ensure that the Wichita City Council would just take down the signs?

It won’t be easy, but we can win. I need every Wichita patriot to attend our August meeting.

Thursday, August 15, 2013, at 7p.m.
Wichita Marriott, 9100 Corporate Hills Drive

Together we can work to create the Wichita we deserve — a Wichita that protects both your tax dollars and your God-given rights.

It starts with you and me. See you on Thursday.

In Liberty,

Blake Branson
Campaign for Liberty
Sedgwick County Coordinator

P.S. Help end the waste and abuse at the Wichita City Council, one victory at a time! Join us for our August 15 meeting at 7p.m., at the Wichita Marriott.