Monday, September 27

Kansas Statistical Abstract available

The KU Institute for Policy & Social Research has released the 2012 version of the Kansas Statistical Abstract. There’s a pdf version of the entire document, and also an enhanced online version with data in Excel format. Start at The 47th Edition Kansas Statistical Abstract for both versions.

The Institute says this about the document:

The 47th Edition of the Kansas Statistical Abstract (KSA) contains data collected through July 2013 for sixteen categories of information: Agriculture; Banking and Finance; Business, Industry, and Exports; Climate; Communications and Information; Courts, Crime, and Public Safety; Education; Employment and Earnings; Energy and Natural Resources; Government; Housing and Construction; Income; Parks and Recreation; Population; Transportation; and Vital Statistics and Health.

We invite you to explore the KSA. Recent visualization additions include maps of U.S. Congressional, Kansas Senate, Kansas House, and Kansas State Board of Education Districts (Sunflower State Summary), graph on interest rates in the U.S. (Banking and Finance), per capita real GDP by state (Business, Industry, and Exports), map on state funding per student at major public research institutions (Education), map on Science and Engineering degrees conferred by state (Education), graph on per capita energy consumption by state (Energy and Natural Resources), map of Oil and Gas Fields in Kansas (Energy and Natural Resources), map on state government employment per 10,000 persons (Government), map on combined state and local tax rates in the U.S. by state (Government), maps on county population change in the U.S. by numeric and percent change (Population), and many more interesting and relevant maps and graphs. In total, this 610-page edition contains 259 tables, 79 maps, and 29 graphs with data about Kansas.