Tuesday, September 28

Kansas school spending in 2014 will set new records

From Kansas Policy Institute.

KSDE: 2014 will set new school funding records

By Dave Trabert

Kansas taxpayers will again set records for support of public education in 2014, according to data provided to KPI by the Kansas Department of Education.


Total expenditures are estimated at $5.911 billion for the current school year, which will be the fourth consecutive year that total taxpayer support has increased, with 2014 being the third consecutive year in which new records have been set.  Per-pupil expenditures are predicted to hit $12,885 and eclipse the previous record set last year.

As explained in “Student Focused Funding Solutions for Public Education”, the Legislature’s provision for finance is much greater than the amount shown as State Aid.  In 2013, nearly $1.9 billion of the $2.2 billion listed as Local Aid was made available through state legislative authority; that money isn’t counted as State Aid simply because it doesn’t run through the state budget.