Saturday, September 25

Stossel in the classroom tonight

Americans for Prosperity

Tonight (January 13, 2014) Americans for Prosperity-Kansas features selections from “Stossel in the Classroom” by John Stossel.

The meeting is from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, at Spangles Restaurant, 612 S. Broadway, Wichita, Kansas. Topics from the video presentation:

Food Nannies: Who Decides What You Eat? 6:29 minutes
Why are there so many obese Americans? What should be done about it? Who’s responsible? The government? Businesses? Us? This segment looks at proposals to curb obesity.

Entrepreneurs: Doing Good by Doing Well 8:37 minutes
What good do entrepreneurs do? Is it creating jobs? Is it the charity they do with the money they’ve made? Do successful entrepreneurs have an obligation to “give back”?

The Psychology Behind Political Campaigns 4:25 minutes
Why do we favor one candidate over another? Is it because we look at the issues and choose our candidate accordingly? Or is it because we look at the candidates? And how to candidates and their campaigns react to the way we choose? This segment looks at voters, political races, and the psychology behind the campaigns that get candidates elected.

Taxi Licensing: Are We Being Taken for a Ride? 4:13 minutes
Should people need government permission to work? Do unregulated businesses cause chaos? Should taxicabs be approved by government and their owners required to purchase medallions? This segment looks at both sides of the taxi regulation issue.

Presentation of the DVD Videos will be followed by group discussion.

For more information on this event contact John Todd at [email protected] or 316-312-7335, or Susan Estes, AFP Field Director at [email protected] or 316-681-4415.