Monday, October 18

Coolidge, ‘last Jeffersonian president,’ to be topic

Calvin Coolidge

This Friday (March 7, 2014) the Wichita Pachyderm Club presents Jerry L. Wallace, Member the National Advisory Board of the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation. He’s the author of the book Calvin Coolidge: Our First Radio President. His topic will be “Coolidge.”

Two years ago, Amity Shlaes, syndicated columnist, bestselling author, and director of the Four Percent Growth Project at the George W. Bush Institute led a community forum in Wichita titled “Calvin Coolidge: The President Who Said ‘No’ and Led The Country To Prosperity.” The event at the Pachyderm Club this week shound help us understand more about this president who has been referred to as “the last Jeffersonian president.”

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