Monday, October 18

A new sales tax hurts Wichita business

By Dave Thomas.

Tax hurts business

Some have argued that Wichita’s potential new sales tax would hurt low-income citizens. While that is true, the impact of increasing the sales tax extends far beyond low-income consumers. As a sales manager, I see the result of changes in consumer spending habits, be it from higher gas prices, inflation in food prices or taxes.

A citywide retail sales tax would not only be felt by those paying the sales tax but by hundreds of Wichita small businesses. As consumers must pay one percent more in tax for everything they buy, they effectively have that much less to spend.

The burden on low-income citizens and the negative consequences felt by small businesses across Wichita would not be outweighed by the “jobs fund” plan to provide millions of dollars in incentives to a few politically connected businesses.

The local economy would be better served if City Hall kept the money in the pockets of the taxpayers and reduced the red tape for all business owners and entrepreneurs in Wichita.