Thursday, August 5

Wichita mayor on post-election sales tax results

The day after Wichita voters turned down a city sales tax, Mayor Carl Brewer addresses the press. He and city council members take questions. It’s difficult to find items like this on the city’s official website, so here it is on YouTube. Also, I’ve extracted a few comments from the mayor regarding the city’s community engagement. Do you agree with what the mayor said?

Brewer: “We’re going to continue community engagement and continue talking to citizens, and we’re asking everyone to give input.”

Brewer: “The city council wasn’t on the losing side. The reason being, is because we asked for citizens to give us input. They gave us input and identified these are the things that are important to us as a community. And the city council made the decision okay, let’s allow the citizens vote on this. That’s the extent that the city council, and the role they actually played.”

Brewer: “We did the Facebook and we did the Twitter and all these other different things in asking citizens what would you like to see, and what’s important to you. We did the best we possibly could.”

Brewer: “As elected officials, it’s our duty and responsibility to listen to citizens each and every day. And certainly any and every thing that they have to say, whether we agree or disagree, is important to each and every one of us. Anytime they are able to provide us that, we should continue to try to reach out and try to find ways to be able to talk to them.”

Brewer: “We appreciate the engagement process of talking to citizens, finding out what’s important to them. Last night was part of that process.”

Brewer: “We will certainly be engaging them, the individuals in opposition. As you heard me say, the city of Wichita — the city council members — we represent everyone in the entire city. From that standpoint, everyone’s opinion is important to us. As you heard me say earlier, whether we agree or disagree, or just have a neutral position on whatever issue that may be, it is important to us, and we’re certainly willing to listen, and we certainly want their input.”