Saturday, September 18

Sedgwick County withdraws from sustainable communities planning effort

Today the Sedgwick County Commission votes to withdraw from the sustainable communities planning effort. This is a good move that will protect the economic freedoms of Sedgwick County residents from overreaching federal planning efforts.

The resolution is that Sedgwick County is opposed to efforts by the consortium to extend the HUD grant beyond the expected duration, stated to be February 15, 2015, and is opposed to any additional involvement by Sedgwick County in said grant except as specifically provided for in the Consortium Agreement.

Also, that no work product derived from the HUD Sustainable Communities grant shall be used to influence future County spending, planning or play a role in County policy decisions related to healthy communities, regional water plans, regional transportation plans, regional housing plans, or any other plans and recommendations as derived from said grant.

Also that no public funds under the control of the Board of County Commissioners of Sedgwick County shall be used to implement, support, promote, advocate for or participate in any fixture efforts relating to the work product of said grant.