Thursday, August 5

Hatfield, former candidate, endorses Williams for Wichita Mayor

A press release from the Sam Williams campaign for Wichita mayor.

Sean and Maggie Hatfield
Sean and Maggie Hatfield
Primary mayoral candidate Sean Hatfield today endorsed Sam Williams for Wichita Mayor. Hatfield, a Republican attorney involved with national, state and local politics, impressed voters with his strong performance in the March 3rd ten-way primary.

“I entered the race for mayor because Wichita is at a critical crossroads. Wichita can’t afford to rely on the same tired promises and policies that have stagnated private sector job growth and progress in our community for far too long. Wichita needs new, strong leadership in city hall and I believe Sam Williams is the candidate to move Wichita forward again.” Hatfield said.

Sam Williams, a retired business executive said “I couldn’t be more thrilled to have Sean Hatfield’s support. Sean ran a race based on opening up city hall, leveling the playing field so that all Wichitans can prosper, and providing oversight and transparency in how tax dollars are allocated. These are key cornerstones of my campaign.”

Hatfield is looking forward to working with Williams to enact meaningful ethics and financial contribution reform for city government, something Williams has said must happen in Wichita.