Saturday, September 18

Wichita campaign finance changes

City of Wichita logoI’m in agreement that the proposed change to allow PAC and corporate contributions won’t have much effect. Those who want to influence the council for their benefit (Key Construction, David Burk, Bill Warren, etc.) already stack contributions as high as they want by having employees and their spouses make contributions. Since the campaign finance forms don’t require contributors to identify their employer, voters have to do some investigation to realize that when a candidate like Lavonta Williams receives eight $500 contributions in a two-day period, that all the money is from Key Construction executives and spouses. Jeff Longwell and James Clendenin have also benefited from similar stacks of contributions. For more on this, see Campaign contribution changes in Wichita.

Wichita City Council considers changes to campaign finance, salaries

A proposed change in city ordinance would allow corporations, labor unions and political action committees to have a greater influence on Wichita politics.

For years, city elections have remained insulated from the power of those groups, unlike national and state elections, because Wichita ordinance specifically forbids them from contributing to local campaigns.

But that could change if the council approves a proposal on Dec. 1.

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