Monday, October 18

Preview: Pompeo on President Obama’s State of the Union Address

U.S. Representative Mike Pompeo offers a preview of tomorrow’s State of the Union Address.

“The American people have heard the president deliver thousands of empty words in his State of the Union addresses. While the president may be content with simply touting policies that he thinks will help secure his legacy, the American people won’t settle for business as usual in 2016.

“Here is what I hope the president will discuss during this year’s State of the Union, all of which he would find a strong partner in Congress. First, he needs to create a real strategy for America to lead the fight against radical Islamic extremists. He then needs to put aside his feckless Iran deal and work to actually stop the largest state sponsor of terrorism from obtaining a nuclear weapon. He should also go on-the-record and finally acknowledge that moving dangerous terrorists housed at Guantanamo Bay to sites around the U.S., including Fort Leavenworth in Kansans’ own backyard, dramatically increases the risk to Americans. Finally, he should propose effective policies to keep Americans safe from gun violence that doesn’t infringe on Kansans’ cherished Second Amendment Rights. These are all critical issues that Kansans and Americans believe are important.

I look forward the president’s address, and will work with my colleagues to put our country on a better, stronger course for the future.”

View video below, or click here to view at YouTube.