Thursday, August 5

Kansas Democratic Vision for 2016

From the Kansas Democratic Party.


Education, transparency, public safety and innovation set as goals for 2016

“It’s time to move past Brownback’s failed agenda and chart a new course.”

House Minority Leader Tom Burroughs and Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley, along with members of their caucuses, outlined their vision for 2016 today. They called on the legislature to change direction, focusing on a new agenda for the people of Kansas.

“The governor and his rubber stamp legislature promised Kansans their vision would bring economic growth and prosperity,” said House Minority Leader Tom Burroughs. “The bottom line is: Governor Brownback’s agenda has failed, and it’s time to move on.”

“Despite the problems our Governor created — we believe our best days are ahead,” said Burroughs. “These are the building blocks for the future that any Kansan — Democrat or Republican — holds dear.”

Democratic legislators outlined their priorities for 2016:

  • An economy that prioritizes attracting jobs in energy, manufacturing, research, and biosciences;
  • An open, transparent government that works for the people;
  • Efficient government that prioritizes public safety;
  • Prioritizing public schools and retaining Kansas teachers.

“These priorities — these core beliefs all Kansans share — are what we will champion this year,” said Hensley. “Kansans can know with certainty that Democrats are ready to work together with all parties to lead our state towards a brighter future.”

Hensley pointed out that many of the Republicans in the legislature voted 90% of the time in support of Gov. Brownback’s political agenda, putting politics before people. That’s why in addition to outlining their vision for 2016, Democrats called on Kansans to demand a new direction from Topeka.

“Kansans must be vigilant,” said Hensley. “Demand we move in a new direction. If the Governor and his allies continue to ignore the challenges we face — then the people of Kansas have a chance to change direction this November.”