Thursday, August 5

Pompeo on Iran’s Ballistic Missile Tests

From the office of Congressman Mike Pompeo of Wichita.

Washington, Mar 8
Pompeo on Iran’s Ballistic Missile Tests

WICHITA — Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) today released the following statement on news that Iran tested several ballistic missiles in violation of UN Resolution 2231, which disallows Iran from developing or testing ballistic missiles:

“Less than two months after President Obama’s meaningless sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missile program, Iran today fired those exact same missiles. Iran continues to defy the international community — laughing in the face of UN Security Council Resolutions and international sanctions.

“Aimed at Iran’s ‘main enemies,’ Israel and the U.S., these tests occurred shortly after Iran’s national elections in which ‘moderates’ supposedly triumphed. Perhaps these missile tests are what Iran was hiding and why it missed its deadline for responding to my visa application to observe Iran’s elections.

“While the White House continues to stand by its nuclear deal, there is no denying the inflammatory and dangerous nature of Iran’s latest missile tests. I hope the next American president will discard Obama’s bad deal and stand up to Iran’s aggressive actions.”